Kelly Greens Golf and Country Club

Fort Myers, FL

Discover the allure of Kelly Greens, an established bundled golf community located in the heart of Fort Myers. Offering a perfect blend of golf and recreational activities, this stylish neighborhood combines the convenience of a Fort Myers address with the pleasures of an active lifestyle. With a variety of architectural designs to choose from, Kelly Greens presents an array of options for prospective residents to find their dream home.

Kelly Greens offers an impressive selection of custom villas, single-family homes in the Rutenberg tradition, as well as veranda and beautifully appointed terrace condominiums. Whether you prefer the spaciousness of a single-family home or the convenience of a condominium, Kelly Greens has the perfect residence to suit your lifestyle. Approximately 85% of the homes in this community boast captivating views of the golf course or water, providing residents with a serene and picturesque setting.

Developed by US Homes in 1989, Kelly Greens has become an established and cherished community within Fort Myers. With years of history and a commitment to quality, Kelly Greens has stood the test of time, offering residents a sense of belonging and pride in their neighborhood.

Experience the desirable lifestyle of Kelly Greens, a bundled golf community nestled in the heart of Fort Myers. With its array of stylish homes, picturesque views, and rich history, Kelly Greens presents an exceptional living environment for those seeking an active and convenient lifestyle. Embrace the pleasures of golf and recreational activities, and find your perfect home in this esteemed community. Elevate your living experience at Kelly Greens.

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