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Naples Ranked #1 in Best City to Live in

What people are saying has been true – the beach is a happy place. A released Community Well-Being Indexed was released that included 189 communities in the United States; the majority were close to the ocean.

Naples, FL came in first for the second time in two years, followed by Barnstable, Mass. and Santa Cruz, Calif. coming in second and third respectively. Just north of Naples, Fort Myers came in a respectful 39th place.

The researchers who took part in the study analyzed over 350,000 different interviews and took into several categories that included social, physical, emotional, financial and community health.

If you’re looking for one of the best cities to live in, Naples, FL is the place to be. Although being 39th on the list, Fort Myers isn’t too shabby either! Call me today if you’re looking to buy or sell in the Southwest Florida area. 239-494-3433
For a full list of the entire 189 communities selected, visit: Community Well-Being Index

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