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Naples, FL Police Tag ScannersNAPLES, Fla. – New cameras will track where you’re going every time you enter and leave one Southwest Florida city.

Naples is planning to install seven license-plate reading cameras that will alert the Naples Police Department when a wanted license plate is picked up.

“I think part of what makes Naples so great is its safety, so I think it’s a great idea,” said Renata Gentile of Naples.

Right now, NPD owns two cameras, and some homeowner’s associations have installed them as well. City leaders want to add seven more on most major roads that lead into Naples.

“I have no problems with them with my license plate,” said Katie Kyle of Naples.

The NPD spokesman said the cameras help them catch criminals. Officers can put a license plate they’re looking for into a database, and the cameras will notify a dispatcher if that plate passes a camera.

“If they’re really looking for someone that has a record or if they are trying to go from state to state and they’re trying to escape, I totally agree with it,” Kyle said.

The department said they don’t use the cameras to catch speeders or red light runners, but some people are skeptical.

“I question that. They may tell you that, but it’s probably going to be used to other things,” said Richard, of Naples.

Since the seven spots are technically on Collier County property, Naples leaders are asking county commissioners to approve the installation of the cameras at the commission meeting Tuesday. City tax dollars will be paying for them.

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