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Fort Myers Real EstateMost of us heard that back in June Meghan Davidson, a woman who was nine months pregnant, was hit by a lightning strike in Fort Myers.

Now Fort Myers Brewing Company is hosting an event this Saturday from 3pm to 11pm at 12811 Commerce Lakes Drive in Gateway to help raise money for Davidson.

There will be food trucks, raffles, live music and more activities throughout the day with all proceeds going to Davidson. Over 60 items will be raffled off at the event. Music starts at 6:30pm.

David’s baby, Owen, unfortunately died a couple weeks after she was struck by the lightning.

Matt Davidson, Meghan’s husband, had the following statement:

There are no words to express the gratitude we have towards the brewery, our friends, and the whole community for their continued support, thoughts, and most of all prayers. This has been a devastating blow to our family. We continue to give God all the praise and the glory for sparing Meghan, and giving us strength in coping with the loss of Owen. May the Lord bless the many who have blessed us. Thank you!

For more information, visit Fort Myers Brewing here.

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